Boost Session

Boost Session add-ons

  • Suitable for: Those who are already confident in doing laps around the cable, and looking to progress to the next level
  • Price: Additional $20 per B1-B5 Session, Additional $40 per B6 session (prices ontop of ticket / season pass)
  • Session time: 80 mins
  • Maximum availability: 4 per session per B1-B5 session. Up to 6 per B6 session.
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Boost Session Add-ons

What are Boost Sessions:

Just completed an Intro Session and unsure what to do next? Want to learn 360 spins or flips from the jumps? Boost Session add-ons are for you!

Boost Sessions are group style clinics designed to introduce you to new tricks and progress your riding.

Sessions start from a Beginner (B1) through to Advanced (B6) level, with the coach watching on to give you tips to master the tricks along the way. 

How they are run:

There are 6 levels of Boost Session which can be added on to a normal ride session.

Once you pick your session add-on, the coach will run through some warm ups and chat about what you will be working on.

Each session is designed to move around the lake on different areas, eg land based, surface, kickers/features through a list of tricks. It is recommended that you master all tricks from each level before progressing to the next level, as some are pre-requisites to more technical tricks in following levels.

At the end of the session the coach will give you some tips to work on, and recommendations on what Boost Session to try next.

Please note this is a group style coaching session, with coaches land based (not 1-on-1 doubles riding).

Boost Session Levels



  • Board control – S-carves
  • Board control – Butter Slide
  • Board control – Power Slide
  • Board control – Surface 180 / ride switch


  • Kicker – Straight air from top
  • Triangles – Straight air



  • Olie
  • Olie 180
  • Surface Frontside 360
  • Surface Backside 180
  • Surface Backside 360


  • Kicker – Indy Grabs
  • Kicker – Stale Grabs
  • Kicker – Frontside 180
  • Flatbar / Pipe Rail – 50/50
  • Dom Hernler Rail – Hallway
  • Flatbar / Pipe Rail – Backside Boardslide


Sam De Hann & Dom Hernler Rails

  • Dom Hernler – Middle Rail
  • Dom Hernler – Olie to Bank
  • Sam De Hann – Pipe Backside Boardslide / Frontside Lipslide


  • Switch Straight Air
  • Switch 180
  • Backside 180
  • Frontside 360


Flatbar / Pipe Rails:

  • Olie to Flatbar/Pipe
  • Presses

Dom Hernler Rail:

  • Transfer kicker to pipe


  • Tantrum
  • Frontroll
  • Raley


Flatbar / Pipe Rails:

  • 270 on

Dom Hernler Rail:

  • Pipe to Pipe


  • Frontside 540
  • Backside 360
  • Frontroll 180


  • Backroll


Flatwater Short Rope Session

  • Raley
  • S-Bend

What people are saying

Great activity for kids!

Fun for kids of any age. Great exercise when you want to get the kids out of the house. Can do in most kinds of weather (they're wet anyway!) and the cafe does the best hot chips!

We love Wakehouse Mackay

We love going to Wakehouse Mackay ! Always a great vibe, sitting back and watching the riders. Good food, good coffee, clean facilities.

Our daughter recently tried Grom Squad and the young guys teaching the kids were excellent. Spoke so well with the parents and the kids and were patient and encouraging to them.

One of our fave places in Mackay

One of our favorite places to go in Mackay - great atmosphere, amazing staff and HEAPs of fun! It's really worth scheduling a brunch or a few arvo drinks at the Wakehouse.

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