Safe fun on the water

Wake House Australia Park Introduction Video

    General participant information:

    • All participants (or parent / guardian) must sign a waiver prior to participating in any activities at the park.
    • All participants must watch our safety briefing video prior to using the cableway.
    • Minimum age for Wake Park participants during our normal hours is 10 years old, unless they are competent / experienced cableway riders. Inexperienced children between 6-10 years are allowed to use the cableway during our special children’s training clinics only.
    • No riding allowed if under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
    • If you have a medical condition, please consult your doctor before riding at the park. Pregnant women will not be permitted to partake in any activities on the cableway.
    • An L50 or L50S approved lifevest and helmet must be worn at all times when in the water. No “impact” type vests allowed.

      Important participant information:

      Cable Wakeboarding involves inherent risks and dangers. To minimise these risks for yourself and other participants, it is important to follow the 5 rules below:

      1. Stay away from all the features (jumps, rails and obstacles) unless you are an experienced rider. If you become out of control and think you are going to accidentally hit an obstacle or another person, simply let go of the handle and you will come to a stop.
      2. Go through the buoys on the corners to ensure there is not too much slack in the rope when turning. If there is too much slack in the rope, let go of the handle to prevent your arms getting suddenly pulled forward. If you are having difficulty with turning please ask one of our staff for some tips and pointers – they are happy to help.
      3. Exit the lake only at the Exit buoys on the last straight. This allows our operator enough time to remove your rope from the cableway.
      4. If you fall off the cable don’t panic, remember you have a life jacket on and will float on the surface. Ensure to check behind you straight away for and incoming riders or loose dangling handles attached to the cable. Grab your board and make your way back to shore as swift as possible. If a loose rope or another rider is coming towards you, simply duck your head underneath the surface until it passes, then continue your way back to shore. Do not lay on top of the board “surfboard style”, as this will put you at risk of being hit by loose ropes or out of control riders.
      5. If the cable way stops whilst you are riding, please let go of your handle and swim back to shore. There are many reasons the operator may stop the cableway, including machine faults, participant injuries and adverse weather conditions to name a few. Making your way back to the start dock allows the operator time to deal with the issue and ensures you do not become entangled in the rope during restarting of the machine.
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      What people are saying

      Great activity for kids!

      Fun for kids of any age. Great exercise when you want to get the kids out of the house. Can do in most kinds of weather (they’re wet anyway!) and the cafe does the best hot chips!

      Great family hangout

      The kids had so much fun on the aqua park! Food was really good too! Really recommended! We will be back for sure!

      So much fun!

      I took my children 9, 7 and 5 As well as my niece who is 12 and omg we had so much fun would definitely recommend and will definitely be going back.

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